Dear Friends,


     Welcome to our 30th Annual Private Treaty Safe and Open House. The year 2021 marks the 74th year of raising registered Angus cattle and 34 years of raising registered Charolais cattle for Trojan Hill Farms. The best part of being in the seed stock business is seeing your customer successful. We have over 95 percent repeat customers. If you are not in this group, we would like to add you to being a customer. We also include the registration number of all the bulls so you can look them up by breed at the association's website.  This will provide a complete update EPD and a complete pedigree.

     The year 2020 was full of challenges. The fat cattle market collapsed and the record high of box beef prices. For the first time, we were unable to get actual carcass data on our fat cattle because of COVID. This was a major disappointment. We have had this documentation on our bottom end of our cattle. Once again, our cattle made money on the grid but we were unable to get individual carcass data. For the last seven years, we have tested our cattle for carriers of BVD. As of to date, all of our cattle have been negative. We also test for Angus breed genetic conditions and will not sell any positive bulls that we know of. The Angus and Charolais bulls have been tested for HD50K. The EPD has been enhanced from the DNA testing.

The bulls have not been on creep feed. Studies have shown that bulls and heifers are more fertile and live longer without creep feed. Our bulls, over the last seven years have passed a fertility test 95% of the time.They were placed on test September 25, 2020. Our ration is a high roughage corn silage.  Our goal with this feed is to have a two and one half to three pound daily gain. With free choice hay available at all times, the bulls grow instead of just getting fat.

     We have been carcass testing and ultrasound testing for twenty years. For the last twenty years, we have carcass data. In 2020, BOTH our Charolais and angus steers and heifers made 100% Choice and 40% Prime.This year, the Trojan Hill Angus Bulls AI were sired by Tehema Tahoe, G A R Ashland, K C F Bennett Fortress, Leachman TL BottomLine, and Baldridge Conductor. The Charolais Bulls AI sires are Affinity and Choteau. Trojan 246 is sired by Waylon and is a breed leader in marbling with a 1.09. Trojan 136 is sired by Thunder who is a breed leader in siring female replacement.


All yearling bulls must stay here at Trojan Hill Farms for fertility testing in April. These bulls will be ultrasound tested by a certified technician in March.


Terms of sale are: all bulls are sold on a first come, first serve basis; 1/2 of purchase price payable upon selection of bulls; we will keep the bulls until the first of May 2021. Free delivery within 100 mile radius or $ 50 off if you pick up bulls.


Please call Phil for an appointment.


Phi1 and Darryl Archer

Phil’s cell phone # 641-680-6769    Home phone # 641-675-3769